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November 2017
Prison Ministries Novosibirisk (01/11/17)

October 2017
1-10 Initiative: Equipping Central Asians (25/10/17)
Mlachevka "Congregation of Children" (12/10/17)
Banned: Pastors Detained at Checkpoint (10/10/17)
Christian Literature the Prize of Choice (05/10/17)
Anti-Missionary-Law: One Year Later (04/10/17)
Disasters Overcome at Camps (03/10/17)

September 2017
Persecution News: Central Asia (30/09/17)
Lost on Roadside, Found by God (25/09/17)
Sunshine for Little Family with Nothing (24/09/17)
Heart Rending Pain for Abandoned Son (09/09/17)

August 2017
Tajik Pastor's Response to Islamism (10/08/17)
New Aviation Ministry Takes Off (05/08/17)

July 2017
Storms and Rain: Pastor Not Deterred (31/07/17)
Thieves, Addicts Now Reading Bibles! (03/07/17)

June 2017
Village Church-Plant Starts at Funeral (28/06/17)
Abused Orphan's Encounter With God (23/06/17)
Man Suffers Insomnia Until He Repents (16/06/17)
Tajikistan: Pastor Arrested (15/06/17)
Kazakhstan: Fined for Easter Worship (14/06/17)
Belarus Transitions to Foster Care (13/06/17)
Holy Spirit Convicts Man to Confess (09/06/17)
Prison Ministry Facing Difficulties (09/06/17)
Peace Remains Elusive in Ukraine’s East (08/06/17)
Reaching Orphans of Russia's Far East (07/06/17)

February 2017
Youth Help to Build 'Church of Souls' (15/02/17)
Siversk Orphanage - Access Denied (13/02/17)
Donbass Pastor Sheds Light on Cond. (09/02/17)

January 2017
Locals Make House of Prayer Amid Rubble (11/01/17)
Small Words Prompt Doctor in Yakutsk (10/01/17)

November 2016
Missionaries Saved by a Miracle! (24/11/16)
New Addition to Pastor Timur's Family! (02/11/16)

October 2016
Give Them Today Their Daily Bread (12/10/16)
Jesus Loves the Little Orphans (07/10/16)

September 2016
Caring for Belarussian Widows in Christ (24/09/16)
A Decree Prohibiting Prison Visits (23/09/16)
Pastor Amazed at Response to Altar Call (15/09/16)

August 2016
Baptist Union Suffers First Shutdown (19/08/16)
Displaced Woman Turns to Christ (18/08/16)
Hard Time for Pastors in Conflict Zone (17/08/16)
Orphans Reborn Team Visit Chernobyl (10/08/16)
Aviation Ministry Planes Arrive (08/08/16)
Terrorist Arrests in Turkmenistan (07/08/16)
New Crisis Pregnancy Center, Moscow (06/08/16)
Disabled Orphaned Man Baptised (05/08/16)
Testimony - Prisoner to Prison Chaplain (04/08/16)
Mother's Day Outreach in Belarus (03/08/16)
Evangelism Update - Ukraine Crisis (02/08/16)
Ukraine Crisis Creates Demand for Bibles (01/08/16)