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Lack of Bibles Had Luba in Tears (13 Feb)
Tensions Rising! Evangelism Continues! (02 Feb)
(PDF) Issue 224: Prayer & Praise (01 Feb)
(PDF) Issue 224: Slavic Gospel News (01 Feb)
Puppet Training for the Gospel! (05 Nov)
Luhansk Labels Baptist Union "Extremist" (14 Oct)
Daniel's Whole World Just Fell Apart (08 Oct)
It's a Wonder He's Alive! (07 Sep)
God-Inspired Generosity Blesses Needy Kids (06 Sep)
Near Tragedy as Albina Threatens to Jump (05 Sep)
Former Propagandists Now Preaching! (23 Aug)
SGA Inspires Famous Philanthropist (22 Aug)
Out of the Tunnel of Darkness (31 Jul)
When Orphans Ask: Why So Much Suffering? (09 Jul)
Police Raid: Missionary "Ivan L" (Cent Asia) (25 Jun)
Woman in Black Robe Intercepted by Pastor (21 Jun)
Making Memories & Big Decisions (15 Jun)
Pastor Takes in "Wild Cat" Child (08 Jun)
Bring Them In! Church Planting: Chechnya (23 Apr)
One Year Later: Pastor's Fine Paid in Full (22 Apr)
Humanitarian Bakery Ministry: Donbass (21 Apr)
Alexander Gets a Bath.. and a 2nd Chance (28 Mar)
God-Given Escape for Snezhana (19 Mar)
Persecution Special Report: Kazakhstan (28 Feb)
3 Touching Stories: Orphans in Smolensk (08 Feb)
"Unlikely Pioneers" of the Far East (05 Feb)
New Planes for Far East Russia (02 Feb)
New Labourers Prepare for the Fields (31 Jan)
Kids Recognise Former Addict, Uncle Sergei (29 Jan)
20 Year Old Church-Plant Gets Building (22 Jan)
Hostel Evangelism Tajikistan (21 Jan)
Terrorist's Father Goes to Church! (17 Jan)
Avel & Olesya: Riches to Rags for the Gospel (16 Jan)
Father of Four Adopts Seven More (12 Jan)
Nikita & Ivan: Two Former Delinquents (11 Jan)
Project: Bibles for Kazakhstan (04 Dec)
Humanitarian Aid: That None Should Perish (03 Dec)
Door Opened Through Puppet Show (02 Dec)
Guilty Prisoners Need Our Prayers (30 Nov)
God's Man in Kazakhstan Needs Our Help (29 Nov)
(PDF 4.5MB) Christmas Gifts for Mission (28 Nov)
Testimony of an Ex-Murderer (03 Nov)
Female Prisoners Brought to Tears (02 Nov)

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