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For I give you sound teaching; do not abandon my instruction (Proverbs 4:2)

Preparing faithful pastors, teachers, youth leaders and childrenís workers for lifetimes of ministry is vital for evangelical churches across Russia and her neighboring countries. SGA partners are committed to helping them meet this great need for future generations by sponsoring four evangelical seminaries ó Irpen Biblical Seminary and Odessa Theological Seminary in Ukraine; Novosibirsk Biblical-Theological Seminary in Russia; Minsk Theological Seminary in Belarus; and Almaty Bible Institute in Kazakhstan.

SGA also sponsors several Bible institute programs and affiliated worship music schools across the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), in addition to Bible training for congregations in Israel. These schools provide doctrinally sound, biblical training in pastoral ministry, evangelism, music and worship ministries, youth ministry, childrenís ministry and Christian education. Full seminary degrees are available as well as diploma programs and correspondence study.

In addition to sponsorship of these quality Christian schools, SGA partners also help provide resources such as scholarships, theological texts and materials, facility assistance and, on occasion, sending gifted Bible teachers from North America to assist Russian faculty in teaching at the seminaries and Bible institutes.

31 January 2018
New Labourers Prepare for the Fields

God is raising new leaders for His church through the ministry of Bible Colleges. We praise God for the way he has brought men from all walks of life and given them a passion to serve.

Almaty Bible Institute, Kazakhstan

(Upper L-R) Yan and Akbar
(Lower L-R) Kuanish and Aleaxandr

Yan: I was serving my forth prison sentence and I had status, authority and power. But one day I decided to attend the local Christian gathering. There I heard the Gospel for the first time and realised my sinful condition. I asked Jesus to be my Lord the third time I went and my life changed completely. I was supposed to have no chance of an early release, but miraculously I was set free after serving only a third of my sentence. Now Iím studying Christian Leadership at Bible College. With knowledge and strength from God, I hope to preach at my church and in other places too.

Akbar: In 2009, when I was in prison, a friend of mine came to visit me. Weíd grown up together, went to school together and even went to prison together Ė twice! I was surprised to see him. He told me heíd become a Christian and then he told me about Christ. When I got out of jail, I went to live with him for awhile and noticed he lives what he speaks. So I began to read the Word of God. When I was living in Ukraine I called on the Name of the Lord and then felt the Lord wanted me back in Tajikistan. Right now Iím enrolled in a Pastoral program at Almaty so I can become a better evangelist. Meanwhile I lead Bible studies, help in a rehab centre and work with the handicapped.

Kuanish: I grew up in a Christian family but when I became a teenager I left the church and decided to live a worldly lifestyle. But when I reached 19, my life was turned around. At a Christian camp there was an invitation to repent and I responded. I went home and started a ministry among Kazakh speaking people. Iím now studying Christian Leadership while serving in youth ministry, street-evangelism and summer camps.

Aleaxandr: I came to the Lord in 2009 during a church service. God touched my heart through the Word that was spoken and also a hymn that was sung by one of the brothers. After this, I started participating in church ministries such as choir, camps, youth, home visits and now preaching. I want to gain a higher Biblical education to raise the effectiveness of our youth ministry.

Irpen Biblical Seminary, Ukraine

(Upper L-R) Alexander and Andrei
(Lower L-R) Sergey; Konstantin and Viktor

Alexander: I was raised in an unbelieving family but every year I spent summer holidays in the village with my Babushka who was the first one to tell me about Christ. I turned to the Lord at her church at the age of 18 and later entered the seminary. Iím now a youth leader in Zaporizhya.

Andrei: My father was a pastor, and for years I thought I was a Christian because of my background. However, at a meeting I heard a message about my personal need of forgiveness. Thatís when I was born again. I applied for seminary at my pastorís suggestion and was accepted. Today I study while pastoring a village church in Vinnitsa.

Sergey: I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour in 1992. I used to work in Far East Russia as a blaster in a mine. One time, I was near an explosion. At that moment I questioned the sense of my sinful life. Some believers gave me a New Testament and I began to attend a gathering of believers. It was there I received Christ. I prayed for my wifeís repentance for 7 years - we were nearly at the point of divorce. When she repented, my parents repented also, because the change in her was so amazing. Upon my pastorís advice I entered seminary. These days, Iím pastoring a church in Bobritsa Village while I continue to study.

Konstantin: I was brought up in an unbelieving family but we had Christian relatives that gave me a Bible and directed me to a church. It was there, after much internal wrestling, I turned to God. I became a youth leader and later accepted an invitation to attend Bible College. Now, I study while serving as a deacon in Zaparozhya.

Viktor: While in college I was invited to church. I started to attend the services and after awhile I turned to the Lord. Brothers from our church recommended me for the seminary. While I study, Iím also the pastor of Godís Grace Church in Nikolaev.

SGA recently provided each of the students at Irpen Seminary with a set of Study-Bibles and textbooks through our Literature Fund. And SGA financially supports the training of pastors at Almaty Bible Institute through our Bible Students Fund.

02 June 2016
Russian-Jews Need Bible Scholarships

God is greatly blessing the 51 students who are enrolled in the Israel College of the Bible. Director of the program Ė Dr Oleg Korotky reported that students come from different parts of Israel.

ďIn my classes, we have a lot of former criminals, alcoholics, and drug addicts. God saved them by His grace and gave them ministries as pastors, evangelists, and drug rehab centre directors. For example, one student called Ruslan lost almost everything in his life. But when God saved him, Ruslan started to study the Bible and pray. He then planted a church in Beer Sheva, and opened a drug rehab centre there.

"In the congregation there are many saved people who were former alcoholics, drug addicts and criminals. We have many students like Ruslan who are studying in the college and who minister in Israel Ė preaching the Gospel and planting new congregations.Ē

According to statistics, in 2008 there were almost 930,000 Russians living in Israel. Hebrew and Arabic are the official languages in the country, while English and Russian are the two most widely spoken non official languages. Who could have imagined that our Lord would work in such a way that He would give us the opportunity to teach His Word to believing Jews in Israel? We can help equip them to be His workers and to bring many other Jewish people to saving faith in the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your partnership, and please pray about how you can help sponsor a Bible student.