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Slavic Gospel Association Inc. (SGA) is a mission which serves Bible-preaching churches in the lands of the former Soviet Union, now called the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) by helping equip national pastors and church planting missionaries reach their people with the Gospel.
'Slavic' is a synonym for ‘Slavonic’, “Slavic” applies to a number of nations in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Slavic nationalities are: Russians, Ukrainians, Belarussians, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Serbians, Montenegroes, Bosnians, Croatians, Slovenians, Bulgarians and modern Macedonians.
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News Update: 10 September 2014

Raising Awareness For SGA's Ukraine Crisis Appeal

If you are interested in raising awareness of the humanitarian disaster in and around Ukraine, why not download this copy of our Powerpoint presentation and have it shown at your church or home group?

Click here to download a copy (20MB). A menu should then give you the option to select "Save" and you can then save it to your computer.

Or, if you would prefer, contact the office on (03) 9562 3434 and we can send a copy to you.

News Update: 09 September 2014

Here is a wonderful testimony from an SGA-sponsored Bible student...

"I was born in Ukraine’s Cherkassy region where my parents worked in a collective farm. They were Orthodox, so I can say I already believed God exists. I remember when I was small that when I had bad dreams at night I tried to pray to God. It helped me, but at that time I didn’t have saving faith.

"My way to the Lord really began when Americans came to our town to hold a Christian adventure camp for kids in 1995. In first grade, I had already been studying English. Our teacher said if you want to improve in English, you must speak with people for whom English is their native language. I had that opportunity at the camp. At the camp, the atmosphere was different. The youth leader was interested in me as a person. It was easy to receive Christ when I saw people living by His example. (The youth leader was a graduate of Irpen Seminary). I saw that the Bible is not just a book with some stories, but a Book that is alive! From that time I gave my life to the Lord can see how He has worked in my life.

"After my graduation from Irpen’s Department of Christian Education, I aim to continue in pastoral studies. I also have two main ministries that I aim to continue. I am leader of youth ministry at my local church and I lead meetings at secondary schools in villages. I am going to visit a village where one family comes to the Sunday service. There are many kids and youth in that village. We have planned to organize some outreach with them.

"My education has helped me with all my ministries. I started to lead youth ministry in my church when I was in my first year. At the time, the youth ministry in my church wasn't in good condition. The knowledge I received at seminary helped me prepare lessons and topics to discuss with the youth. Also it helped me start classes on Christian ethics at a secondary school. I have even had the chance to start a kids’ club in the village of Mala Burimka. One family has already received Christ and has started coming to Sunday services!

"I praise God for the privilege of studying at Irpen Seminary.
Thank you!
Alexander Lushchik
Graduate of the SGA-Sponsored Irpen Biblical Seminary"

News Update: 08 September 2014

SGA-Sponsored Pastor in Tajikistan Refuses to Abort Pregnancy, Has Baby

Letter from Pastor....

"Peace to you, our dear friends!

"We say “friends” because in the course of our concerns we realized that we have a big family. From the time we were told at ultrasound that our little daughter (still in the womb) had big problems, we asked our Christian family to pray for her.

"Based on an ultrasound we were told that our baby had liquid in her head, a disproportional head compared to the body and a hernia on her spine. All the doctors said that she would only survive several hours or days. They insisted we have an abortion but we prayed and thought about it for a long time. We need to admit that at some point we decided to obey the doctors, but praise to our great God that He gave us wisdom and now we hold our beloved baby in our arms.

"This child was given to us in a special way as she was born by C-section. When she was born she did not cry, nor was she breathing and she was all blue. Doctors applied a lot of effort and did everything they could. She cried. As it turned out, the diagnoses of doctors were incorrect - except for the hernia. Unfortunately the hernia is rather large, a hen egg size. Everything else is fine. All organs are functioning and both legs and arms moving. All reflexes are normal.

"At the time we are considering options of the best place to have a surgery performed on our little one. We pray that the Lord would prompt us and guide us in the right direction. Please support us in prayer and on to the complete healing of the baby girl.

"For us a great sign from the Lord was his answer to our prayer. It was unusually hot here in Tajikistan at the time of the surgery with C-section. My wife and I prayed that the Lord would relieve the heat at that time. As soon as we were told that the surgery was over it started raining heavily. It rained for only a few minutes but then it was not as hot afterwards. Our Lord loves us.

"Thank you so much for your prayers, kind words and support! May the Lord bless all of you, your families and ministry! Sincerely, (Pastor's name suppressed)"

*Editors Note: Since his letter, SGA Australia has been able to contribute to the costs of the surgery which was successful. The baby has some problems with leg movements, but is otherwise doing well.

News Update: 04 September 2014

Whole family of "outcasts" comes to faith in Belarus!

"To the praise of the glory of His grace, wherein He hath made us accepted in the beloved." (Ephesians 1:6 – KJV)

For most of us in the West, the concept of being an oppressed or outcast people is very hard to grasp. Our Jewish friends around the world understand it keenly, with virulent anti-Semitism rampant in many nations. In many eastern European nations, the Roma people are often considered outcasts of society. The term “gypsy” is the word used most often to describe them, but the word is very hurtful to the Roma people.

In Belarus, SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Oleg ministers in the region surrounding the capital of Minsk. Oleg and the youth of his church have been faithfully sharing Christ’s love with some Roma families. Oleg recently wrote to share the moving story of an entire family’s redemption—drawn by the love and grace of God . . .

"I, along with some of the youth in our church went to visit Yaroslav and his large family of nine children. They gave us a very warm welcome, and listened intently as I read from Acts 8 and the account of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch, where Philip rode along in the chariot and explained salvation in the Lord Jesus. Yaroslav was gripped by the eunuch’s reaction, telling Philip he wanted to stop the chariot immediately and be baptized.

"Yaroslav asked for the Bible from my hand so he could read it for himself. When he finished, he looked at me and asked, 'This means I can come to Christ and be accepted just like the Ethiopean?' I told him yes. Yaroslav and his whole family repented and came to the Lord in repentance. The first Sunday afterward, Yaroslav and his wife came, and then the next Sunday, the whole family together! The entire family stood in front of the congregation and shared their testimony. And some of the children learned two Christian songs and sang them during the morning worship service! Pray with us, that we may encourage them in their faith, and that they will faithfully follow the Lord!"

What a tremendous impact in the life of a once outcast family, now “accepted in the beloved” through Christ! Please continue to lift Oleg and the youth in prayer, and pray for this new family of brothers and sisters. May they have much wider impact within the Roma community as they testify of Christ’s love!

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