Slavic Gospel Association Inc. (SGA) is a mission which serves Bible-preaching churches in the lands of the former Soviet Union, now called the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) by helping equip national pastors and church planting missionaries reach their people with the Gospel.

What does “Slavic” mean?

As a synonym for ‘Slavonic’, “Slavic” applies to a number of nations in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Slavic nationalities are: Russians, Ukrainians, Belarussians, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Serbians, Montenegroes, Bosnians, Croatians, Slovenians, Bulgarians and modern Macedonians.


Slavic Gospel News magazine, including a Prayer & Praise insert, is published bi-monthly and sent free of charge.

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We aim to bring to our readers attention various ministry projects, news items, testimonies and photographs which relate to the current situation in the CIS and how together we can help reach the nations with the Good News of Jesus Christ and His ministry of compassion.

Anyone who wishes to assist can email or write to SGA. Churches can request a number of copies of the magazine for regular distribution to their congregations.